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Discovering unexpected moments, finding new forms and meanings drives me. Showing an alternate point of view can lead to a different world. Using blurred movement, reduced depth of field and a painterly manipulation of natural light, shadow, shape and texture speaks to my imagination and creates room for interpretation. My work varies from landscape to street photography to near abstract work. It evolves around themes like alienation and solitude, desire and obstacles. 




Born in Groningen (1970) and now living in Utrecht. I graduated from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht.



Club FOAM, Foto Museum Amsterdam (2004): 100 jaar, 100 uur, 100 foto's, Stadhuis Utrecht (2004)

Club FOAM, Foto Museum Amsterdam (2003); Radboud Hospital, 'Sterker na kanker', Nijmegen (2003); ABC Treehouse Gallery, 'Give', Amsterdam (2002); ABC Treehouse Gallery, 'Sterker na kanker', Amsterdam (2002); Photo Gallery 0031, solo, Amsterdam (2002); Moira, Utrecht (2002); Westerkade 2, (#2), Utrecht (2001); Westerkade 2, (#1), Utrecht; Artis, Spons 8, Den Bosch (2001); Sophie's Winterpalace, Particular Daily, Utrecht (2000); Kunst met een grote U, Utrecht (2000)


1998 Startstipendium, BKVB - Fund for Visual Arts, Amsterdam
1998 City Council, Utrecht

© 2023 Photography by Renée Lawant

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